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Managing large-scale Minecraft Networks.

About Me


I'm Dan and I'm located in the United Kingdom. I spend the majority of my time involved in running online technology companies. Below, you can see some of my most notable work.

Previous Work:


May, 2015 - January, 2017

LemonCloud is a large online Minecraft community that was started in late 2014. During my time there, the network saw huge growth with an average of 1,000 players online, with a peak of 1,600 consecutive online users.

As the Manager of LemonCloud I dealt with Staff (40+) / Recruitment, Infrastructure, Marketing, Community Management, Finance and Much More.


2016 (Retired)

Desteria is an online Minecraft community that focuses on creating the best Factions experience. It averages around 700 players online and has become recognised as THE Factions Network.

During the acquisition of Desteria, by LemonCloud, I was the Manager there. I primarly dealt with the Staff Team, Infrastructure and Revamping its day-to-day operations.


August, 2014 - October, 2016 (Retired)

Spigot is the high-performance software that powers almost every Minecraft server to date - It was started in November, 2012. Since that time, it has become the industry standard for game-servers.

At Spigot I was part of the forum team that helped drive the projects community side, as-well as being involved in internal discussion about the project as a whole with a team of 7 others.

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